Frequently Asked Questions

Commonly asked questions about what it's like to train with FitHappens Personal Training

What is FitHappens?

FitHappens offers science-based, data-drive fitness and nutrition coaching. What that means is we look not only at your goals, but also how your body naturally moves to allow us to design a program unique to you and your needs.

We also pair that with behavioral psychology to guide you through habit change.

Throughout this process you will have a 1-on-1 video session with your coach to discuss your workouts, nutrition and obstacles along the way. This allows us to ensure your program grows and progresses with you and gives you the support you need to make a lasting change.

Why should I choose virtual coaching over in-person training?

Where most people fall short reaching their goals is at home not in the gym. In-person training is limited to brief snippets of coaching between exercises.

Virtual coaching allows for calls dedicated entirely to just focusing on everything else; nutrition, stress, sleep, etc. without distractions or delaying your workouts.
This allows us to dig deeper into what has prevented your from reaching your goals.

Online coaching with independent workouts forces you to be more self-sufficient in prioritizing your health. The difference between people who start and stop workout routines, and people that are fit for the rest of their lives is the internal motivation to get up and do it on your own.

With our structure, you still have us in your pocket to give you the support and push while you work toward building the autonomy that will change your life

If I'm working out on my own, how do you check my form?

We perform a movement screen on all of our clients before writing their program, to minimize form issues. On the occasion that they do arise, we review those form concerns during your calls or via mid-week form checks.

Most issues with form are not due to lack of experience, but are actually the result of a mismatched program. This happens when you don't have the necessary range of motion to safely do an exercise in your routine. Our screen prevents this.

Can you accommodate special diets and dietary needs

Yes! Whether you’re gluten-free, keto, vegan, vegetarian, pescatarian Whole30, or allergic to specific foods, we will customize your plan to fit your lifestyle.

If you have special medical needs for you diet we will work along side your medical providers or dietitians to ensure our nutrition coaching aligns with their recommendations to keep you safe

Who are our clients?

FitHappens clients are tired of diets and program that require them to restrict their favorite foods or devote countless hours to planning and prepping meals and working out.

Our client lead full busy and are looking to prioritize their, health and feel better without making working out their second job.

FitHappens clients are:
Busy parents
Mothers to be
Project Managers

Who is not a good fit for our program?

We prioritize teaching our clients to build healthy habits and change their lives. This is not an overnight process.

So anyone look for a quick fix or a 6 week transformation will not enjoy our program.

But if you want to learn how to get and stay in shape for the rest of your life without feeling like you're dieting you'll see great results!

What equipment do I need?

Nothing is required! We believe in meeting you where you are. If you want to join a gym or build out a home gym that's great, but if you're happy with those things that's fine too.

If you are interesting in expanding your fitness gear we have a list of recommended equipment to fit all budgets

What is I don't like the workouts?

Tell us! Your program is for you not us. We tell our clients there's 100 different ways to work a muscle or reach a goal, so there's not sense in being miserable or bored along the way. Enjoying your workouts is an important part of building a healthy lifestyle.

Ask us how picky we are about our workout space and routine and you'll see :D

What is expected of me to be successful

Communication! Don't be afraid to tell us what's going on, how you're feeling, what you like and don't like. We can't help you if we don't know how you're feeling.

We will make adjustments or changes as often a we need to for you to feel comfortable with the process.