Building A Gym?

If you're building out a full home gym, looking for portable equipment or just need a few home fitness essentials this list is a great start. All of this equipment is chosen based on what's practical and functional to keep your workout efficient.

Large Equipment

1a. Folding Squat Rack

2a. Climber

3a. Folding Pilates Reformer

4a. Full Size Cable Deck

5a. Low Profile Cable Deck

6a. Folding Treadmill

Very minimalist and low profile. Great under a desk.

7a. Folding Treadmill

More similar to commercial display


1b. Suspension Straps

2b. Bands Set

3b. Mini bands

4b. Power bands

5b. Foam Roller

6b. Adjustable Dumbbells

7b. ProForm Adjustable Dumbbells

8b. Foam Balancing Pad

2 pieces

9b. Foam Balancing Pad

Dynamic Skills

1c. Slam Ball

2c. Kettlebells

3c. Kettlebell Full Set

4c. Pull Sled

5c. Push Pull Sled