FitHappens' science-based approach incorporates exercise, nutrition & behavior change psychology to help you reach your goals & build a healthy lifestyle

Custom exercise program based on FMS Movement Screen

Screen takes away any guessing and makes your program truly one of a kind. Play to your body's strengths while improving in deficient areas.

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Nutrition coaching that fits you

Food is meant to be enjoyed. Lets keep it that way while still moving towards your goals. Our flexible approach allows for success, regardless of your lifestyle.

Habit Coaching

No more all or nothing mindset or trendy crash diets. We collaborate with you to create a path to success that fits your timeline.

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Not only are we here as a resource and to help keep you accountable,we will teach you how to become self sustainable so that rather than a crutch, we are an additive to your wellness.

We offer flexible pricing from $275 - $600 per month.
Packages are customized to your needs

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